Gresso 3310 Matches the Legendary Nokia 3310

As the world watched on to celebrate the legendary Nokia 3310 comeback during the Mobile World Congress, another luxury and accessory smartphone maker was behind the scene creating an opulent version of the notable 3310.

The version of the Gresso 3310 will henceforth be known as Meridian, a perfect blend of luxury and simplicity for wealthy customers who want to “disconnect, but also something that is ultra-luxury.”

However, Gresso’s feature phones double as secondary devices with the reliability afforded by their streamlined functionality and long battery life – not unlike regular feature phones outside the luxury realm.

The Meridian device will come in two models- the first one being the Titanium Edition that is made from titanium coupled with a stainless-steel keyboard.

There are three variants available for this edition- Meridian M1 (built with titanium body and sandblasted borders, set to retail at the price of $3000), Meridian M2 (made with titanium chassis along with hand-polished borders, priced at $4000), and lastly, the Meridian M3 is similar to the M2 but has 18k yellow gold logo rather than the less attractive logo that is seen on the M1 and M2.

The Black Edition is made up of 18k Gold coated with PVD coated titanium and it also comes in three models such as Meridian M4, Meridian M5, and Meridian M6. The M4 sports steel keyboard and is priced at $5,000.

The M5 has 9 keys made up of 18k yellow gold. It is priced at $8,500. the M6 has 21 keys made of 18k yellow gold. It the costliest variant that is priced at Rs. 9,500. All the variants come with 12 months warranty.

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