Google Pixel Phone Users Complain of Audio Distortion Issues at High Volumes

Following the launching of Google’s Pixel smartphones, the company was repeatedly praised for delivering such top quality products that has since been putting smiles on the faces of its many users across the globe.

Even though some issues with most of the Pixel devices had surfaced in the past, the company had always looked for ways to have those issues contained. Most people will agree that, with Google’s Pixel camera performance, Google Assistant and a sharp user interface, no amount of faults can make users turn their backs on the device.

Nevertheless, some users are reportedly very unhappy with a recent flaw that has been spotted on their smartphones. In fact, some are reportedly claiming that this issue might just put the search giants out of business for good if at all they fail to contain the problem.

The report claims that users are experiencing audio distortion issues with their Pixel phones when listening to music or watching videos at high volumes.

One Pixel user in particular, claimed that his fourth Pixel XL replacement as well as his wife’s standard Pixel phone, have shown static distortion at three highest levels of volumes on multiple occasions. Furthermore, other users also posted on one Google forum platform, reporting of the same problem.

Even though it appears to be an issue that can be solved with a simple software update, it will be quite interesting to see how rapidly the search giant might be looking to kill this issues as they come out with an absolute solution.

As of now, no word has been received from Google yet, which is beginning to raise some eyebrows and making a lot to doubt the possibility of the search giants, containing this issue.

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