Google Assistant Could be Coming to Your Old Android Phone as Well

Following the introduction of the Google’s reputable Assistant feature that made its way only to the Pixel and Pixel devices, some recent rumours have suggested that we might be seeing a similar technology on the LG G6, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

Going by a code that was reportedly cited in a new alpha release of Google’s application for Android, many are already assuming that the Google Assistant feature might just be heading for older smartphone devices as well. According to the render, the application includes code for adding the AI-powered bot to any handset.

The alpha edition of the application was recently suggested by reports to have being released by mistake, and this being an alpha release, several users are already reporting a ton of bugs and plenty of unusual behaviour. For this reason, we can all agree that this is by no means an official roll-out, despite the fact that it does look promising for those with older smartphone devices.

According to one report, so many smartphone users were able to get the Google Assistant welcome interface up with a long press on the home button. This, however, does not consistently occur across all smartphones, making it quite obvious that Google still has some work brushing up to do, before the day of unveiling.

As of now, some testers have reportedly managed to get the Assistant working on a Nexus 6P and Samsung devices but there is still a significant amount of handsets that the technology appears not to be working on.

As far as we know, Google is still yet to confirm this story, so we advise that you take every piece of information with a pinch of salt.

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