Flexible Smartphones Might Become a Thing In 2018

Right now, in the tech world and tech market, it is safe to say that as users, we have seen it all, be it designs or upgrades or even downgrades, we have had a feel of everything.

But, just when we though there couldn’t be any more surprises, a bombshell dropped on us all. Just recently, kolon industries, a company centered on developing technology, revealed that come 2018, they and other likeminded companies would go into mass production of flexible devices.


However, this plan has been in play for a while as companies such as Samsung and LG have been supplied with colorless polyimide.

This polyimide can only be gotten from one source, and that’s the Kolon industries, so now you see why they are important and certainly they have to be in the know if by chance any other company plans on taking part in the initiative.

Earlier, when the news first came to light, we were told that when the foldable device eventually comes out, it would only be able to bend to at radius of about 1 millimeter, but then, the company released that come next year when they unveil it, it would be able to bend to a radius of about 5 millimeters as opposed to what we got earlier.

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The latter is ideal, though, as it allows both sides of the display panel to almost touch, as if they are completely folded. Due to safety issues, tech companies are likely to unveil the bend radius of 5 millimeters first, then gradually unveil devices with less.

All in all, we can be sure that tech market especially the Korean ones would be stormed with these products come 2018 as we’ve seen how well they have developed tech in August this year.

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