Festive Promotional Deals For Leagoo’s M Series of Devices

It is the festive season as well as the last days of the year so we are seeing different manufacturers shipping off their smartphones to e-commerce vendors to sell at cheaper prices both as a means of celebrating the Christmas season and also as a means of clearing out stock in preparation for the next year.

Leagoo, a manufacturer well known for their capabilities in manufacturing smartphones that are worth our cash have just partnered with many different online stores to make available their Leagoo M-series of devices with cheaper price tags.


In the Leagoo M-series, there are three handset which are the Leagoo M5, the M5 Plus and the Leagoo M8 all of which are handset that are currently making waves in the market with a specs that are way above it price tag. So, it is a thing of joy to see that these already cheap handset are still going to have their prices cut down.


All three smartphones are shipped out with the other being an upgraded version of the latter seeing the M5 with a much smaller display than the M5 Plus and the M8 crowing it up with an even larger 5.7 inch display.


All these handset although they have different sets of specifications still do come in with some specs to make them durable with the likes of a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protecting all there displays and a large enough battery to keep the handsets on.


Also thrown into the mix is a support for memory expansion that would see you being able to add an additional 128GB memory to what is already being offered. You would also have a wide array of colors to choose from so make your purchase now.

Buy Leagoo M5 Here

Buy Leagoo M5 PLus Here

Buy Leagoo M8 Here

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