Faraday Future Autonomous Electric Car, the FF91, Finally Unveiled

Teaser, rumors and leaks really did get ever one stirred up, awaiting the launching of Faraday Future’s very own Electric car, the FF91, which they brought together in collaboration with LeEco. This vehicle has just been officially seen the light of day and even look better than rumor and leaks made it seem.

One more thing that rumor mongers and leak stars left out in the nifty addition of autonomous driving which as the name implies, brings in a self-driving feature into this car. With this addition, you would be able to summon your car to come pick you up.


More so, thanks to the innumerable amount of sensors, radars and camera, you would also be able to send the FF91 electric car to go pack itself in any free parking spot available. Also thrown into the mix is the facial recognition software which should allow the owners of the vehicle unlock it without the use of a key.


On the inside, the FF91 is pretty spacious with up to 151 cubic feet giving you more than enough room. Also built though, we see this electric vehicle with an endurance range of 378 miles. This endurance also comes in with speed as it has been said to reach 60 mph in a short time of just 2.39 seconds.


Although this vehicle has been officially unveiled, it would not be shipping out until next year 2018 but registration for interested buyers are currently on going with a price tag of $5000. As for the final cost price of this vehicle, we would have to wait a little bit longer to find out.

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