Explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Caused Mishap in an Air Port Almost Delaying Flights

Following Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 that almost put the company out of business for good, a new report spotted quite a remarkable occurrence involving the now discontinued Note 7.

According to the report, a Virgin America plane was reported to be delayed and almost diverted from its original course after it came to the pilot’s knowledge that a passenger had changed the name of its smartphone’s Wi-Fi hotspot to SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7.


Many will agree that it was indeed a smart move for the pilots to immediately act by turning the plane and seeking the nearest possible place to land.

Some will also agree that Galaxy Note 7 which was already seen as Samsung’s biggest mistake,  if at all, was present in the aeroplane could have resulted in something much worse than the company would have anticipated.

The Note 7 as a recap, suffered from exploding batteries which, after a mishandled recall, ended in the device being cancelled by Samsung and permanently withdrawn from sales in the market. Even so, Galaxy note 7s were banned from commercial airlines due to its capability to explode at any given time.

An exchanged Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7 is seen at company’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, October 13, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

As the report would have it, the Wi-Fi network, called Samsung Galaxy Note 7_1097, which was spotted by an unknown passenger on the Virgin America flight 358 from San Francisco to Boston on four days ago, was quickly investigated by air hostesses as they felt a great danger if they had neglected the matter.

After being immediately alerted, a call was made demanding the owner of the said Galaxy Note 7 reveal his or her identity

Thankfully enough, the cabin crew onboard, discovered it was nothing short of a false alarm. Even though pilots were already making the move to turn the plane around in an effort to head for the nearest landing zone, the issue which would have made life a living hell for the South Korean tech giants, was perfectly contained.

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