Elephone To Put a A Zirconian-Sandblasted Metal Body on their Upcoming Elephone Play X

Elephone has proven to be quite an industrious OEM as they have set sails to keep all in awe with some of their devices like the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix contender, the Elephone S8 as well as the 6GB and Helio P25 powered Elephone P25.

All mentioned smartphones above have keep us the enthusiast edge seated awaiting their arrival and even before these smartphones have seen the light of day, the folks over at Elephone has dished out yet another delicious delicacy in the person of the Elephone Play X.

Elephone Play X

At first glance, you wouldn’t be blamed if you mistook the identity of this device for that of an iPhone as it has a striking resemblance with both of the iPhone 7 siblings. The edges are finely curved and the back panel looks well refined and smooth with Antenna band placed on them for the improvement of signal strength.

As we know, Sandblasting is the method used to produce glass and we have also seen manufacturers adopt this same method in the manufacturing of their handsets. Nonetheless, although many of them use this method, not all use the same material therefore producing varying end results.

Elephone Play X

Putting this under consideration, Elephone has used a more refine aluminum which has been processed with Zirconium sand which gives the smartphone a flagship like look with a smooth chassis having an overall good grip and feel on the palm of its users.

As of now, the chassis is all we know about as the smartphone just started showing up online, however, within the next few weeks as we approach its launching date, be sure to get more information about the device from us, so stay tuned.

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