Dual Camera Cubot Rainbow 2 to Soon hit The Market

Cubot really did make the best out of last year as we saw them deliver quite a long list of smartphones aimed at different spectrums of the market. One of those handset who saw the light of day last year is the Cubot Rainbow which did rake in cash for its manufacturer.

Following up on the success of this handset, Cubot has already started works on a successor to be called the Cubot Rainbow 2 which as its predecessor, would be heading towards the low-tier section of the market.


When we take a look the Rainbow itself, this handset came in with specs that are both regular entries on mid-range spec sheets and entry-level specs sheet as well and it had a pretty attractive price tag of just $60.

This time around, we are expecting to see the manufacturer bump up the specs and hopefully, we would be seeing more mid-range specs for the price of an entry-level handset. More so, there is news that the Cubot Rainbow 2 would come fully equipped with dual camera sensors on its back panel.

The camera sensors are said to be one which can be compared to those featured on the high end smartphones as it would be offering low light results which would therefore produce images with higher qualities.


This nifty implementation should also mean that we should be expecting this phone to ship off with more than 1GB of RAM as dual camera sensors can be pretty demanding and also, we should also expect to see it go live with one of the new MediaTek SoCs available.

The Rainbow 2 is still in the works and not much is known about it, nonetheless, we would expect to hear more about its price tag and launching date in the next few coming weeks.

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