Download YouTube Kids App from Google Play Store Now (APK File Included)

Millions of people use YouTube everyday to watch music videos, tutorials, funny clips and learn a lot from instructive guides. It is in fact a great medium for education, especially for kids, allowing them to learn things at their own pace by watching videos, cartoons and animations. Unfortunately, among all the useful stuff, there are also clips and videos which are inappropriate for the young ones.

This is where Google’s latest offering, YouTube Kids comes in. It’s an app built from the ground up for kids who want to explore the world’s largest video repository and allows them to safely browse YouTube. This is a free app and is currently available for U.S users only (however, we will be sharing the APK link below).

YouTube Kids not only has content control but also a kids-friendly design. Icons are bigger, fonts are more readable and Google have also included voice search for kids who can speak but can’t really spell as yet. The content itself is divided into four categories: Shows – Music – Learning & Explore – you can also search for specific topics, like science projects etc.

Some of the popular channels include Reading Rainbow, National Geographic Kids, DreamWorks TV and others like Stampylonghead and Vlogbrothers. YouTube for Kids also has several features that parents will love it for, especially the session timer, which automatically stops the app after the set time and you don’t have to take your kid’s tablet away. Parents can also control playback volume and search functionality, limiting their kids’ use how they want, and the app also has a feedback section so the developers at Google can improve it after hearing what parents have to say.

According to the team behind YouTube for Kids, this app is the start of making YouTube family-friendly and ensuring that parents and kids around the world can utilize the video hosting platform in most effective and constructive way.

If you’re in the US, you can download YouTube for Kids from the Play Store link below. If not, we’re also sharing a direct APK link for other users.

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

What do you think about YouTube for Kids? Will you be using it to watch videos with your children? We’d love to get your feedback, so comment below and share your thoughts.

Download YouTube for Kids APK (Non-US residents)

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