Bluetooth SIG Support For Samsung Galaxy Note 7R Means Launch Is Around the Corner

Samsung will be launching one of the successor to their Note series of devices, the Galaxy Note 8 later on this year. However, there is word with regards to another new handset from their note series of devices tagged with the moniker Samsung Galaxy Note 7R.

This smartphone has been up and about for quite some time now, and there is a possibility that this device will be seeing the light of day in this month. Further buttressing this point is its new Bluetooth SIG certification which it just received.


This smartphone just received this certification meaning that it supports the Bluetooth standards set and should be ready to hit the market within the next few weeks. This certification did not reveal the specs of this device but we recently had a glimpse at what this device had to offer. There is also word out that the Galaxy Note 7R will be made exclusive to their hometown South Korea before it heads over to their neighboring country, China.

One major change between this handset and its Galaxy Note 7 predecessor is the smaller battery pack it comes with which is eventually made safer and less prone to explosions. The new Note 7R will be made available in three different color variants that include black, white, and silver.


As for the price tag, there are two different set of rumors which claim that this device will be asking for $630 whereas, another says that this device will be priced at $521. Which

ever the case, it is still cheaper than what the Note 7 was asking for.

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