5 Best Icon Packs for Android (Compatible with Nova, ADW, Apex, Go and others)

As I have said countless times, Android’s strongest suite, as far as most of the people are concerned, is it customization potential. You can simply download Icon Packs for your Android and give your whole interface a makeover. While Android launchers are the starting points for customization (if your Android is not rooted), icon packs put even more options at your disposal.

Icon packs are commonly packaged with complete themes, but not every launcher supports full themes. However, most of the free and paid launchers, like Nova, Apex and Go launcher allow you to use 3rd party icon packs to replace the stock icons. Here, I will list some of the best icon packs for Android devices available on the Play Store.

#1. Shaded Icons

With nearly 800 custom icons, this icon pack is one of my favorites. All icons are rounded but there is not a lot of cropping, which is a good thing. Most of your commonly used apps will get new icons, and those that don’t, are going to be nicely masked.

The pack comes with custom wallpapers and all the icons are high definition. As the name suggested, all themed icons project shadows, giving a 3d effect which actually looks pretty cool.

Shaded Icons
Shaded Icons
Price: $1.44

#2. Stark (adw apex nova icons)

Again, one of my favorite icons packs, Stark is in stark (no pun intended) contrast to Shaded Icons (mentioned above). The icon pack is minimal, with rectangular icons and a matte finish. All 1200+ icons are high definition and the pack is compatible with Nova, Apex, ADW, Holo, GO and TSF launcher.

If rectangular icons are what you are looking for, Stark is an icon pack you won’t regret gracing your Android with.

Stark - Icon Pack
Stark - Icon Pack
Developer: kovdev
Price: $1.99

#3. iO Theme – Icon Pack, HD

Well, we all know Apple’s iOS recently got revamped and the new icons have been very popular. iO Theme brings those icons to your Android now if you are using Apex, Nova or ADW launchers (some others are also supported). While I myself am not the biggest fan of these icons, they are well done in terms of quality.

There are about 400 icons in the pack (more are added regularly) and nearly all of your popular apps will be properly themed. The pack is a little expensive, but if you are into iOS, this would be a good choice.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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#4. Holo Theme

If you are a fan of simple and pristine, Holo Theme should be to your liking (even if they are not, its okay – they’re for free). There are nearly 400 icons included, which is great for a free pack and it is compatible with most of the freely available and paid launchers on the market.

Material/Holo Theme
Material/Holo Theme
Developer: Un,n LLC
Price: Free

#5. Phlats

Phlats is an excellent icon pack to say the least. Not only is there a lot of variety (over 1300 icons), the pack goes extremely well with the popular ‘flat’ design scheme. The icons are circular, with minimalistic elements and icon masking is good for apps which are not themed yet.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

If you like these Icon Packs or have any you would like to suggest, please comment below and let us know.

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