B2X App Available For Download On Lumia Stores

Lumia phones having not been making right waves in the tech market ever since they were first unveiled by Microsoft. With the company finally throwing in the towel and selling off the Lumia brand for a fraction of what it bought it for from Nokia.

The company announced in early October their partnership with B2X. the deal is meant to provide customer service for Lumia devices in about 13 countries, and is also important is that B2X isn’t planning on limiting its services to just the Lumia brand but to other devices as well.


At that time, B2X promised to launch a Windows Phone application that will allow customers to get in touch when their Lumia phone needs repairs.

Recently, the B2X SMARTAPP has been made available for downloads, whereby all those using Lumia phones can download and install it from windows store especially those using windows 8.1 and 10.

Now, with this app, users would be able to get in touch with the customer care, as well as keep track of repair status and check the phone’s warranty status, diagnose their phone’s hardware and software, find the nearest service point, and analyse the phone’s battery health status.


For now, all we know is that Microsoft has no intention of staying with Lumia, but if you are a lover of the Lumia product then do not worry yourself because the B2X  really works a lot of magic and also acquiring from the stores is totally free and quite fun.

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