Angry Birds Transformers Android Version Finally Available for Download

I’ve personally been very excited about the new Angry Birds Transformers, and now it’s finally here. Even though the iOS version was launched on October 15, Android folk had to wait till Halloween to get their hands on it. Angry Birds Transformers is a 129MB download on the Play Store, and so far we’ve really liked playing it.

The game is not the same point and shoot we’ve been addicted to all these years. It’s more of an auto-runner, with you tapping the screen to shoot down the piggies, earn points and get power-ups. The game’s graphics follow the same theme from previous games, but are a step-up because of going 3D (mostly).

Angry Birds Transformers will also make you nostalgic, especially if you’re not in your teens right now. The game has good music and follows themes from the old Transformers cartoon, which used to be a huge deal back in the day.

There are ads in the game, both video and images, but we think they’re justified, given the game comes free. Performance might be an issue if you have a mid or low-range Android phone, but the difference will mainly be visual.

All in all, Angry Birds Transformers is definitely worth a shot, and you can download it for free for both Android phones and tablets

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