“And the Award For Premium Supplier for 2016 Goes to Cubot”, Courtesy of Gearbest…

Gearbest is no small online vendor and we can see a whole lot of OEMs and other manufacturers alike putting their gadgets and device up for sale there. However, this E-commerce website just held an award ceremony wherein they announced the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Cubot, as their premium supplier of the year.

It is not an easy competition as there are other OEMs who deal in a long list of goods which includes bikes, phones, earbuds, bags, suitcases – Yes, am looking at you Xiaomi – and many other thing, so what exactly earned Cubot this award.


Taking a trip down the 2016 memory lane we see that this OEM, Cubot, has indeed been very busy as they have gone on to make official 12 different smartphones aimed at different tiers of the market alongside two other wrist worn tech.

They may not have many good to themselves, but the fact that we see most of their devices ship out with cheap price tags also counts as most customers would settle for the cheap and good devices rather than the expensive and better handsets.


So it is no doubt that this manufacturer raked in a whole lot of cash for Gearbest which in turn earned them the award of being their premium supplier for this year. As we speak, there is even an ongoing promotion of Cubot devices over at Head over there now and get something great for loved ones this festive season.

A video was also made showing us how far Cubot has come with their devices for 2016.

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