AllCall Bro Lectures Us All On Dual Cameras With their Debut Handset

The dual camera implementation has proven to be one of the most widely adopted trending specifation for smartphones. Given the fact that there are many smartphone having this feature, it becomes difficult to really choose which one you would want.

Well, a new Chinese startup looks to have made this choice easy for us all – or so they think – with their debut handset AllCall Bro which obviously sports a dual camera setup on the back. Whislt launching this device, they also took up this opportunity to let the world know more about smartphones with dual camera sensors as they went on to say that:

AllCall Bro

“First and clearly one is to see from the appearance, there have two lenses set in together and work together, like the “AllCall Bro” combines dual lenses with two separate sensors, 8.0MP main camera captures static images while the 2.0MP subsidiary captures depth information. Secondly, the smart phone have dual camera have better effect in photo contrast, photo brightness than single camera, maybe you can make a comparison with dual and single camera phone. Third, take photos in poor light, hide the main camera with a object like paper. If you can get a picture have black and white images or a picture with blurry scene, this is a true dual camera. If you get a image with nothing, the Dual camera just is gimmicky. Fourth, in preview mode, you can select the focus and adjust the degree of blur. Let you to take SLR effect photos with smartphone.

 AllCall Bro

More about this handset and its manufacturer can be seen at their official site. Presales of this handset kicks off today the 18th and end on the 24th. 2000 units would be made available for this presale and you would also enjoy a juicy $65.99 discount on the price as well.

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