6GB RAM UMi Z Wouldn’t Find It Hard To Run 40 Apps at Once

Being a basic necessity for or present generation, smartphones has seen rapid growth as they keep getting better and better as the days go by. As of late, we see that they have been bumped up to 6GB of RAM and only a few actually knows what that implies.

It is one thing to know that you have a 6GB RAM smartphone and it is another to know what the 6GB RAM can actually do for you. Most people buy 6GB RAM smartphones because it’s the new thing in town and that’s were most OEMs have actually benefited from — shipping of phones which are said to have 6GB RAM and yet are as slow as ever.

Any smartphone which features such a specification should be known by its response speed. This large RAM creates more space for data to move through therefore reducing congestion of information and enabling data to pass freely.


This is exactly what UMi’s flagship handset, the UMi Z with 6GB double data rate RAM and 64GB internal memory storage offers as. With this smartphone, you would be able to run 40 different applications at the same time without experiences any sluggish response from your handset.

No more need for app killers when you open more than three apps and your handset refuses to respond, no more waiting for your gallery to open when you try multitasking, no more glitches and lagging. That is just a tip of the iceberg with regards to what 6GB RAM has to offer and UMi Z has made this evident.

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