6GB RAM Samsung Galaxy S8 Heading to China With a Price tag of $1030

We do not know if we should refer to it as bad luck or just that the Galaxy Note 7 was not meant to be. Either ways, before this handset was pulled out of the market, the folks over at Samsung started dishing out information with regards to a 6GB RAM variant hitting the market soon but as we all now, we didn’t get to see any.

Now however, there is words with regards to the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone heading over to the Chinese market with 6GB of RAM. This claim however has just been buttressed with the handset officially making its way through the Chinese certification website, TENAA, with 6GB of RAM.

We have reason to believe that this is the top tier variant that were expecting to hit China in the few coming weeks. More so, this also adds credibility to the rumors which claim that a 6GB + 128GB Galaxy S8+ version would also be entering China.

However, the variant that would be heading to China would be aimed at those with fat wallets as it would be asking for a whopping $1,030. Only one mid-night black color variant would be made available and thrown in for free with each pre-order placed is a Samsung DeX dock which would on its on cost $140.


However, these have not yet been officially confirmed by the Korean Giants themselves so we urge you to treat the above information with the proverbial pinch of salt as they are subject to change.

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