360 To Launch New Smartphone on the 23rd of May From Their N-Series of Devices

360 Mobiles has been on the down low since this year begun. The last device to make way to the market from their manufacturing plants was the 360 N5 handset which proved to be quite the beauty on the outside whilst still packing a punch on the inside.

After somewhat of a long pause, the OEM has officially made an announcement that they will be launching a new smartphone on the 23rd of May. This new smartphone will be from their N-series of devices, nonetheless, the exact name was not specified by the manufacturers themselves.


However, when 360 launched the N4 smartphone, the handset that succeeded it was the 360 N4S. Now that their last device on the line is the 360N5, we might just be waiting for the 360N5S.

Unlike all their other smartphones which have somewhat of a cliché design, this new upcoming device will be graced with a glass finish on the front and back panel.  More interestingly, whilst this device is clearly cooler than those featured on its predecessors, the price tag placed on this handset will still be around the same range as those placed in its predecessors.

In times past, we have been seeing this OEM attach cheap prices to their handsets which is one of the major reasons why they become unavailable within a short period of time. This time around, we just hope that they will make many units available for the purchase, especially when there is talk about a 6GB RAM version to be made available.

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