$28 VKWorld Stone V3 Becomes Cheapest Rugged Smartphone With IP68 Certification

Smartphones have developed from just being your personal communication assistant, to now suiting specific needs for different people. This is to say that there are smartphones out there that are aimed at a specific audience and amongst them are the ruggedized handset, which is for those who live life at its edge.

Sports enthusiasts, hikers and the likes get these handsets as they come it with much needed specification to aid them in their craft. VK world, is one of those manufacturers who have their eyes set on making these kinds of handsets and now, they have dished out an upgraded version of the rugged VK world Stone V3.

These handset first showed up some months ago and now, the folks over at VK world has enhanced its specifications and given it a newer design as it heads back to the same market. What more interesting is that, they have also slashed the price tag to a mare $28 making it the cheapest rugged smartphone that would soon be commercially available.

This new design brings a better back cover texture and a bigger keypad to the table. There are also a few screws added to aid the new IP68 water proofing certificate the handset ships of with. Whilst this certification helps to hinder water and dust from getting into the device, the thick rubber coating hold the handset firmly stopping it from shattering and acts as an insulator from electric shocks as well.

VKWorld Stone V3

Also thrown into the mix are two microphones and bigger speakers to give both quality sound output as well as input. Apart from all these features, the rest still remains the same on this handset and we must say, for that price tag, this handset is to die for.


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