10 Best Camera Apps For Android Phones

Cameras were made to keep a moment or an event fresh with every glance at the pictures they captured. The process has come a long way, from the first cameras to digital ones and then the evolution of smartphone cameras and DSLRs.

However, whilst not everybody might have a DSLR camera in their bags, we believe that quite a huge chunk of the world’s population are in possession of a smartphone. This has led smartphone manufacturers to add imaging units to their devices as they are almost always with us, and the resulting photos just keep getting better and better.

This also led to creative app developers working on amazing camera enhancement apps for mobile platforms, and today we have tons of camera apps for Android that work wonders for photos.

Whether you want a good selfie, or want to take some pro-looking landscape shots, these apps have you covered.

#1. BeautyCam


This is a virtual, free make-up app that gives you the best photo editing capabilities. With this app, you need not worry about those blemishes on your face as it can erase them and even give you the chance to change the color of your eyes and skin tone as well.

If filters are your thing, then the BeautyCam is the way to go. The app also brings special effects to the table and very easy to use tools that take selfie editing to whole new rating. BeautyCam has a vast variety of feature-set to offer, be it the lipstick color, hair color, foundation or a different background than which was featured on the original image. You can change it all with a few taps.

Developer: Meitu, Inc.
Price: Free

#2. MakeupPlus – Makeup Camera


There are some looks we wish we could have on, but with all honesty, having all those different colors of lipsticks and expensive makeup kits might just be on the high side for many. Nonetheless, while you might not have all these lovely makeup kits, you can still look that good in your pictures thanks to MakeupPlus.

With a beauty counter fully stocked with inexhaustible makeover styles, you can have that dream look all on your palm. Find out what color of eyes would have looked better on you and how you’d look like if your skin tone was brighter or darker. A niche addition is the multi-face recognition technology which can help you virtually edit different people in a group photo.

#3. Full HD Camera (3D)

Full HD camera app

Although it is an FHD camera app, it helps you take a photo in 4k quality which we must say is quite impressive. You might not have a DSLR camera, but photos taken with this app will rival high quality counterparts.

You can smoothen out photos with this app and it’s easy to use interface can be a lot of fun with lots of makeover choices.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

#4. Pip Camera Photo Collage Maker

Pip Camera Photo Collage Maker

Whilst a many are all enthusiastic about enhancing their photos, others are more into making their images into collages and when it comes to doing this, Pip Camera Photo Collage App is second to none. This app comes in with fun frames that bring photo gridding to another level.

Although this has niche features that helps aid its photo collaging capabilities, it does not in any way undermine its ability to deliver in terms of picture enhancements and special effects as well.

#5. HD Camera Ultra

HD Ultra

This camera app works hand in hand with the features of your imaging units to give you the best camera experience. The better the imaging unit the better your enhancing capabilities. Nonetheless, phones which have below standard cameras also get to enjoy features to make their pictures look top notch.

The app is free and is one of the best camera app out there. Try it out and fill us in on your thoughts.

HD Camera Ultra
HD Camera Ultra
Developer: Jess Development
Price: Free

6. Open Camera


This is undoubtedly one of the coolest camera apps out there with niche implementations which includes the use of voice or other sounds to remotely take a photo. With it you can also add text, watermarks and customized logos with ease. Whilst installed on your phone or tablet, you need not worry about ads as ads only show up when you run the app through its website.

You can also use this app to record videos not forgetting to mention its support for more than one external microphone. This is just a tip of a huge iceberg, why not try it out and experience firsthand what we are talking about.

Open Camera
Open Camera
Developer: Mark Harman
Price: Free

7. Camera For Android

Camera For Android

Take a group picture using your back camera with ease thanks to the addition of the countdown timer. Make simple moments even more memorable by editing them with some enhancing tools this app bring to the table.

Snap a pic, shoot a video or even make use of the smart panorama shooting to take more than one picture at once.

Camera for Android
Camera for Android
Developer: App Camera, Inc.
Price: Free

8. Camera360 Lite – Selfie Camera


When it comes to enhancing selfies with stylish filters, Camera360 Lite is of celebrity status. It comes in with some amazing implementations that includes vintage filters that can make images look like they were taken decades ago and foodie filters that help make delicious food look even more enticing.

Unlike most other apps, this one is low in size as it will only eat up an insignificant space on your device but still give you the best of picture quality which might even be better than other larger apps camera apps.

Camera360 Lite - Selfie Camera
Camera360 Lite - Selfie Camera

9. HD Camera for Android

hd camera

Bad news for iOS users, this app is native to Android smartphones. It comes it with three different modes which includes panorama, video recording and camera all of which you can set which quality you would want.

Configure your volume button to zoom or take pictures; set your screen based on the time of the day and make use of a countdown timer all with the HD Camera for Android App.

HD Camera for Android
HD Camera for Android
Developer: Ting Studio
Price: Free

10. Bestie – Camera360 Beauty Cam

Bestie – Camera360 Beauty Cam

If adding animal stickers to your pictures is your thing, then search no further as this camera app comes equipped with a boatload of those kind of stickers to choose from. Beautify your skin tone with numerous effects and change background with a wide array of filters.

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One of the most loved feature of this app is its intelligent beauty editor which helps auto detect your face and eyes and give you the chance to change their colors. It can be used to blur the background and remove black spots or pimples automatically as well.

Bestie - Best Beauty Camera
Bestie - Best Beauty Camera
Developer: PinGuo Inc.
Price: Free


Whilst the number of camera apps for Android out there is on the rise, the ones mentioned above are the crème de le crème of these sort of apps. All these apps are for free and we have included their download links for you, so try them put and let us know how well it turned out for you.

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